Shrewsbury Folk Festival - Saturday 24th - Sunday 25th August 2019

Martha Rhoden's Tuppenny Dish and The Shropshire Bedlams will be dancing at Shrewsbury Folk Festival this weekend, 24th - 25th August. 

Dance performances take place in the town centre as well as on the festival site.

On Saturday see the teams:

In The Square at 10.45am

Outside St. Mary's Church at 11.45am and 2.30pm. 

Both teams will also be in the procession through town, leaving the Castle at 1.30pm. 

On Sunday see the teams:

In The Square at 12.30pm

Outside St. Mary's Church at 1.45 pm

On Pride Hill at 3.30pm

Festival Ticket Holders

If you have tickets, make sure to watch the performances on The Village Stage on Saturday at 4.25pm and Sunday at 10.45am

NB All times are approximate and appearances might depend on the weather

Martha Rhodens lead the procession through the town, 2015